Sewage PipeConference Topics

1. Water and Sanitation Innovations appropriate to Developing countries

a. New approaches for financing water &/sanitation
b. Innovations in water/sanitation treatment
c. System and technology selection approaches
d. Grey water treatment and re-use
e. Smart technologies to attain sustainable water: standardisation of sanitation and sustainability systems, and resource management.

2. Cities of Developing Countries

a. Integrating water in city planning
b. Water sensitive urban design
c. Wastewater collection & treatment
d. Improving water security
e. Connecting watersheds and urban areas
f. Incentives for water-wise cities

3. Industry

a. Reducing industrial pollutants in water bodies
b. Reducing water footprint in industry
c. Treatment of industrial wastewater
d. Financing sustainable use of water by industry
e. Use of wastewater in industry

4. Rural and Remote Communities

a. Climate change and water availability
b. Education in water conservation

5. Water & Society

a. Concepts and strategies to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals